Wordle: Teaching

1. This lesson plan is from my pre-internship about Remembrance Day and what it means to them as Grade 1 students.  The students were very engaged in this lesson and could not wait to write their letters to the Canadian soldiers.

2. This lesson plan is from my novel study on Beezus and Ramona for my grade 3 internship class.  It can be used with any book, or even as a separate lesson with no association with a specific book.

3. This lesson plan is a review for a unit I developed on magnets and static electricity for my internship class.  The students loved being able to play a game and demonstrate all that they learned.  They wanted to play it over and over (so I let them if they had spare time) and they really enjoyed that it used technology.

4. This is a unit outline for a Structures and Materials unit I did in Science with my grade 3’s.  Whenever I visit the class they also ask me to come and teach them a science lesson.

5. This is a project I had my grade 3’s working on for our unit on Structures and Materials.I had some mixed feelings by the parents about the project but all of the students did well and they all loved learning about something they chose and were interested in.


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