Often, the issue of toys being from social media is brought up.  Girls play with Barbies and boys play with toys from movies like Cars and Spiderman.  It is difficult to walk into a store and find a toy that has not been affected by the media.  Many people would argue that children are losing their imagination because of this.  They reenact movies and television shows because that is what their toys are from and that is the only thing they can play with them.  While i do no agree that reenactment is the only thing that can be done with those toys, I do believe that it strongly influences how children play with the toys.  The other day at the daycare I work at, I noticed that the doll house the children were playing with had small wooden dolls with simple feature and square bodies.  Quite different from the Barbies I had as a child.  I quite liked that the toys were very generic and I noticed that the boys played with them as often as the girls did.  I was intrigued by this and went in search to see if there were any other toys in the room that were from the media.  I am happy to report that I couldn’t find any.  There were cars, but not from any movies and there were big dolls of different skin tones (although no males).  As I payed closer attention to what was happening in the room I noticed, day after day, that no area was always used solely by a specific gender.  There are usually more girls in the dress up area and more boys in the big blocks area, but there is always both genders at both areas.  I think this is wonderful!