Wordle: Understanding Multiculturalism

I recently wrote a paper for a class about multiculturalism in Canada and the classroom. I created a wordle from the document. It is difficult to understand multiculturalism and know whether or not Canada truly is multicultural. By some definition Canada is, but by others it is not. For myself, I do not believe Canada is truly multicultural, as this country does not yet treat every culture member equally or equitably. As far as multiculturalism in the classroom, I find that it is usually superficial. According to this document there are a number of stages a person can be in regarding their understanding and actions towards multiculturalism. It is important to know and show that there are many cultures, but also to integrate them into the classroom on a deeper level than just decorating Ukrainian Easter eggs or celebrating the Chinese New Year. I am striving towards integration , as should all teachers and Canadian citizens. This means that respecting other cultures and communicating effectively with people from other cultures happens without thinking about it and including them, their beliefs, and their practices into our everyday lives. What are you striving towards?