I watched this video in one of my classes today. I want to focus on the therapist’s comment that in the era of technology, children have sort of forgotten to play with toys. The value of playing with toys has lost its importance a bit with some children because everything is focused on technological games.
I am currently doing a project for the same class and I am interviewing and observing play behaviours in a public school and comparing it to a classroom in the Huda school. I have found that some of this focus on technological games is present here. I have found that, when asked what their favorite thing to play is, most students from the public school answered with things like made up games and games that use toys. In contrast, the students at the Huda school most often answered the same question with some kind of computer game. Also, at the public school there are two East Indian girls in the class that answered similarly to the students at the Huda school, listing computer games as their favorite things to play.
So this lack of play with toys mentioned in the video may have a connection to cultural perspectives, not just the fact that we are in the era of technology. Does anyone have any input or experience with this subject?

Another thing that I thought about this video was that the tips the therapist is giving the grandmother about playing with her grandson who is on the Autism spectrum are tips that I think are important for every child and caregiver, regardless of having a disability or being able-bodied. It is important to play with the child and not just be an observer. This comes into the classroom as well, as teachers should not just sit back and let their students play. I think it is important to get involved while still allowing the children to shape and lead the play because it will allow for the richest play environment and learning opportunities.