I watched this video in one of my University classes a couple of weeks ago. The idea of making taking the stairs fun really speaks to me as a teacher. There is the age-long question of “how do I keep my students engaged?” This video gives us a very good answer – make it fun. Taking the stairs is not a very fun activity, but adding those piano keys and having it play music is such an amazing idea. I’m sure people who had never even been to that stairwell made a point of going there just to see it.
As a teacher, this is my goal – to make learning fun. No matter how seemingly boring or undesirable the activity or topic seems, it is my goal to make it enjoyable and fun for my students as well as for me! Not every topic is super fun to teach because of my own personal interests, just as each student has subjects and topics they don’t particularly like. So I think it is doubly important to make learning fun. Students can pick things up from their teachers and if the teacher obviously doesn’t like the topic, the students will have a similar feeling. Making the topic fun for the teacher will give the students a better impression and create a happier and more effective learning environment.